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Ngày đăng: 03-05-2022 10:56:28

(VLR) Government Office has just issued Official Dispatch No. 1583/CD-VPCP conveying the direction of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on exporting cashew to the European market.


The cable sent to the Ministers of Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, Public Security, Transport and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, stated that recently, a number of electronic newspapers have reflected, many Cashew exporters risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Regarding this, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has the following instructions: Assign the Ministers of Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, Public Security, Transport and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam. According to its functions and tasks, expeditiously coordinate with the Vietnam Cashew Association and relevant agencies and units to examine and clarify the causes to take measures to handle, support according to their competence, and ensure their interests. legitimately and legitimately of the people and businesses, in accordance with the provisions of domestic and international laws, promptly report to the Prime Minister any difficulties and problems beyond their authority.

According to information from the Vietnam Cashew Association, many domestic cashew exporters are in danger of losing nearly 100 containers worth hundreds of millions of dollars when exporting to Europe. Businesses are concerned that this may be a big scam as these businesses all sign contracts through Kim Hanh Viet Brokerage Company to export cashew kernels to Italy.

The incident stemmed from concerns when the goods had arrived in Italy, but up to this point, businesses all had a common situation of constantly changing SWIFT numbers - bank identification numbers.

At the bank of Turkey, after the bank received the set of documents, the buyer was informed that the buyer was not their customer and that the bank had returned the documents but did not specify the form of payment, no provide the bill of lading number to the Vietnamese bank.

Documents sent to the bank in Italy, the local bank informed that they were copies, not the original. Currently, Vietnamese enterprises do not know where the original documents are. Meanwhile, anyone with the original set of documents can go to the carrier to pick up the goods.

The Vietnam Cashew Association is calling for the support and intervention of competent authorities and shipping lines, asking shipping lines to apply "Urgent" measures - temporarily holding shipments at ports. and will arrive at the port.

The EU is currently Vietnam's second largest cashew nut export market, accounting for 23% of the total volume and 22% of the total value of the industry.

According to estimates, Vietnam's cashew exports in 2021 to the EU market will reach 135 thousand tons, worth 816 million USD, up 16.5% in volume and 7.9% in value compared to 2020 This positive growth is due to the EU's demand for cashew nuts in the last month of the year reaching a high level according to the cyclical factor, in order to serve the Christmas holiday and welcome the new year.

Regarding market structure: In the first 11 months of 2021, Vietnam's cashew industry exports to 23 EU member markets. In particular, the cashew industry has well exploited the Dutch and German markets. Cashew nut export turnover of Vietnam to the Netherlands market reached 63.42 thousand tons, worth 345.71 million USD, up 12.3% in volume, but down 4.1% in value. Similarly, Vietnam's cashew exports to Germany reached 19.4 thousand tons, worth 122.64 million USD, up 9.5% in volume and 6.2% in value. Germany and the Netherlands are now important trading hubs for imported cashews for re-export. Besides, Vietnam's cashew industry has also well exploited other EU member markets such as France, Spain and Poland. These are all good markets for cashew nuts. Notably, cashew nut exports to Finland increased by 625.7% in volume and 629.6% in value. Thus, Vietnam's cashew industry has been quite successful when exploiting gateway markets such as the Netherlands and Germany, and at the same time, Vietnamese enterprises have well exploited other markets in the EU such as Finland, Poland, and Belgium. , Spain, Romania, Portugal.


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